Dr Grant Blake

Dr Grant Blake is a clinical psychologist, with substantial court and clinical assessment experience.

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Dr Grant Blake
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Grant Blake is a clinical psychologist holding a PhD in forensic psychological assessment. He possesses extensive experience in conducting independent expert witness assessments for compensation, criminal law, family law, and decisional competence cases. Dr. Blake specializes in training psychiatrists and psychologists in the evaluation of symptom validity. His particular focus lies in distinguishing between unintentional symptom exaggeration and intentional symptom fabrication, encompassing partial malingering, full malingering, factitious disorder, and complex somatic conditions. Dr. Blake offers trauma-focused therapy services targeted at adults, alongside providing interventions for general mental health concerns. His expertise extends to the assessment of various risk types, including general violence, sexual violence, child pornography offenses, fire-starting, stalking, and domestic violence. Engaged in active research, Dr. Blake's work primarily revolves around symptom validity and fitness to stand trial. Notably, he is the lead author of the Australian and New Zealand Evaluation of Fitness to Stand Trial - Revised (ANZ-EFST-R) as well as the corresponding youth version, ANZ-EFST-R.

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