When you request an independent medical opinion, you need an expert. A leader in their field. A specialist in cause, function and risk.


Led by Doctors

Occupational and Environmental Physicians, Dr 'Sid' O’Toole and Dr Angus Forbes lead LIME Medicolegal, bringing a fresh take to medicolegal assessments. They view medicolegal assessments as a vital service, not just an add-on to their practice. The specialists who work with us at LIME follow the same ethos.

They may come from different specialty backgrounds and all are committed to high quality assessment and reporting. Our doctors are highly engaged, they meet regularly and speak about best practice, current literature and changes in science, law and industry.

The Occupational and Environmental Physician difference

The speciality of Occupational and Environmental Medicine – a Faculty within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians – is the only medical speciality focused on the inter-relationships between workers, their workplaces and work practices. The speciality encompasses prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Occupational and Environmental Physicians understand environmental factors – including workplaces. They go to worksites, from down a mine shaft to the abattoir floor. They understand individuals who have experienced illness or injury and the impact on the person, their family and wider community. The Occupational and Environmental Physician understand the science of causation, function and risk and the importance that decisions must be based on evidence.


Meet our team

LIME's management team is here to deliver an effective service

Michelle Safely

Michelle has been with LIME Medicolegal since its conception in late 2015. Having worked in medical administration and management for 25 years she is devoted to supporting the LIME team to ensure they can focus on providing the highest quality service and care to clients and patients.

Lourline Wehrenberg
Practice Manager

Lourline prides herself on her exceptional customer service skills and her dedication to her role is evident in everything she does. Lourline is highly experienced in medical administration, quality assurance and onsite coordination.

Anna Linning
Content and Marketing Manager

Anna has a background in Occupational Therapy and health project management. She has worked with the LIME team since 2015 and takes delight in connecting with our clients and helping to present the public face of LIME.

Jolene Richards
Sales Operations Manager

Jolene brings extensive experience in client relationship management with experience in industries including health, hospitality , IT, civil, building and construction, industrial and mining. With several years work in recruitment, Jolene has a strong grasp of the challenges faced by employers when staff are off work due to injury or illness. Jolene enjoys connecting with our clients and providers, to smooth the experience of the medicolegal process.

Our history

LIME Medicolegal began when a group of Occupational Physicians saw the need for a new approach to independent medical examination in the Workers' Compensation space.

That need? Truly independent assessment – from a medical practitioner with no prior treating relationship. Clients in the insurance and legal sector began to see the benefits of LIME’s offering, and demand spread beyond work-related assessment services.

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