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A Forensic Assessment takes the standard Independent Medical Examination to the next level. Cases involving injury and incapacity are complex. These cases can often persist for an extended period of time, the information gathered from multiple assessments and investigations can become overwhelming.

Often, there is conflicting information between opinions from different doctors, or findings on x-rays, the diagnosis can change, or new conditions can get ‘added on’ as a complication of the initial injury. Trying to comprehend it all can be overwhelming, and determining what is relevant and what is not without expert medical knowledge is fraught with danger.

Forensic assessment

Like any investigation, the ‘detective’ has to go back to the start. Our team first collates all information in sequence of events. From here, each decision and action is critically appraised, and you are provided with a report that not only makes sense of the chaos, but also gives the referrer clear direction regarding:

Correct cause
Correct diagnosis
Best practice treatment
How to continue to manage the case

Complexity is our speciality

From your desk to ours

Typically, a Forensic Assessment is performed as a desktop file review, but it may also involve an assessment of an individual, their workplace, or the site of an accident.


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