Permanent Impairment Assessment

Our medical specialists provide an accurate assessment of a person’s function – through an independent lens. Understanding and quantifying the impact of a condition on an individual and their work is our speciality.


Loss of Impairment

Assessment of Permanent Impairment is often considered in the final stage of the management of a compensable injury. When an individual is injured or becomes ill doctors, nurses, and allied health all work hard to get them back to 100%.

Sometimes though, no matter how hard everyone tries, it is not possible to achieve this, and the individual is left with an impairment. In essence, this is determining what percentage of an individual’s body function has been lost as a result of the injury or illness that occurred.


Experience is everything

Some conditions can be assessed under more than one method however, the most appropriate method has to be used. It is experience that allows the doctor to determine the most appropriate method.

Our doctors have extensive experience in providing Permanent Impairment (PI) Assessments for all jurisdictions within Australia. LIME delivers this service to Workers’ Compensation Insurers/Agents, Motor Vehicle Insurers and Personal Injury firms.

independent medical examiner

The role of the independent medical examiner is to consider all of the information available and provide expert, defendable opinion on any questions arising from the interface of health, domestic life, and work including:

Correct diagnosis
Matching mechanism to injury and diagnosis
Advice on liability
Impact of condition on safe employment
Best practice treatment and rehabilitation
Preventing further injury or illness

merit based opinion

Total and Permanent Disablement Assessments

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance is a product offered by Insurers, and sometimes through Superannuation Funds to provide a lump sump payment for individuals who suffer an injury or illness that prevents them from returning to work; either in their own profession, or any at all.

Each individual case is different. Losing the ring and pinky fingers on one hand may prevent a professional musician from playing their instrument and therefore render them incapable of performing their profession, whereas the same injury may not prevent an author from writing novels. Though they are both in the same industry (the Arts), the impact of the injury is different for each.


The Experts

The assessment of Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) requires an understanding of not just the current health status of an individual and their capacity, but also the true demands of work that they may be asked to perform. Occupational and Environmental Physicians are the only doctors who are specifically trained and qualified in determining capacity to work, and when considering the long term impacts that a TPD assessment can have on an individual, and their family, you want the experts.

experienced specialists

Details Matter

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Policies often contain complicated terminology and each one is different. Experience is required to ensure that the nuance of these policies are fairly applied to the insured person, and assumptions are avoided.

At LIME Medicolegal, our doctors’ background and expertise gives them an in depth understanding of the specific intricacies of TPD across many fields, giving you comfort that the right decisions are being made.


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