Independent Medical Examination

Our medical specialists provide an accurate assessment of a person’s function – through an independent lens. Understanding and quantifying the impact of a condition on an individual, and their work is our speciality.


The impact of illness

Patient care is complex, and understanding the impact of a condition on an individual and how they interact with their surroundings, including work and home, often needs a ‘second opinion’, or an external doctor to look at the situation with a fresh set of eyes, and make an unbiased assessment.
The role of a treating doctor, whether GP or Specialist, is to provide their patient with what the patient asks for; physical and mental support, medication, treatment, or even surgery. They develop a ‘treating’ relationship with their patient, which is vital for trust, but can cloud judgement.

independent medical examiner

The role of the independent medical examiner is to consider all of the information available and provide expert, defendable opinion on any questions arising from the interface of health, domestic life, and work including:

Correct diagnosis
Matching mechanism to injury and diagnosis
Advice on liability
Impact of condition on safe employment
Best practice treatment and rehabilitation
Preventing further injury or illness

True independence


An Independent Medical Examination must be performed by a doctor who has not had a treating relationship with the examinee. They do not enter into a doctor-patient relationship and are not to provide advice to the worker about their condition, treatment or workers' compensation claim.

Patients deserve only the best treatment, and the best is only guaranteed when there is evidence that treatment is right for them, at the right time, and for the right reason. Ensuring this requires an Independent Medical Examination.

An Independent Medical Examiner should not have a financial incentive in the outcome of the assessment, either directly, or indirectly. This is important considering the ever-increasing cost of healthcare procedures, treatment, aides, and the personal physical and psychological costs if something goes wrong.


Reports you need

When you request an Independent Medical Examination, you want a report that answers your questions. Whilst anyone can answer your questions, only a true expert can provide what you need; a solution to your problem.

This is why you need a medicolegal provider who understands this. At LIME Medicolegal our doctors see these reports as a vitally important service, not just as an ‘add-on’.


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