Fitness for Duty Assessment

As a nation, we are getting older, heavier and more sedentary. These factors often mean an increase in health conditions and injuries in the workforce.


Can the worker return to their role – without risk?

A Fitness For Duty Assessment provides a report on whether an individual can perform the essential and inherent tasks of their role without risk of injury to themselves or others.
A worker may be considered fit to return some parts of their role but not all – which is challenging to all parties. Only an independent medical examiner is able to view the evidence impartially, to provide the advice you need.

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Our service provides assistance with

Rehabilitation of workers with complicated injuries particularly involving a psychological component
Non-work-related medical problems which may impact on a worker’s ability to safely and productively perform their duties
Excessive absenteeism or other management issues where a medical condition may be involved
Sensitive cases


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