On The Right Track IME Assessment

On The Right Track Assessment is a mini-IME for those situations where an individual’s progress has slowed or plateaued, and the pattern of recovery is not consistent with the original diagnosis. Organisations don’t need to wait, this assessment is an opportunity to have a face to face assessment with an independent Occupational and Environmental Physician and regain treatment direction.

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The 6-8 week critical check

Best practice early intervention and recovery programs are available, yet effective treatment relies upon correct diagnosis. For a variety of reasons, correct diagnosis is not always established at the initial medical assessment.

LIME’s On The Right Track Assessment is effectively an ‘early intervention IME’.  Organisations, particularly self-insurers, no longer need to delay seeking independent medical advice.

What does the assessment cover?

This mini-IME can be conducted as an in-person assessment or desktop review and considers the individual, injury and progress to date. The report provides answers to key questions including:

Correct diagnosis
Correct treatment for the condition
Object manipulation and hand dexterity
Range of motion
Physical strength
Cardiovascular fitness


The 6-8 Week Mark

In our experience, 6-8 weeks following an injury is a critical time where it becomes apparent some cases are at risk of poor outcomes.

Our On The Right Track assessment gives you a credible, independent opinion from one of our Occupational and Environmental Physicians ensuring the best opportunity for successful outcomes.


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