What is neuropsychological assessment?

With expertise in the objective assessment of cognition, a neuropsychologist can provide insights for people after brain injury or neurological disorders, including the long term impact on function.

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What is neuropsychological assessment?

Focus on brain structure and function

Neuropsychologists have specialised training in the structure and function of the brain, enabling them to assess psychological problems and conditions – which is especially useful in situations where a brain injury has occurred.

What type of conditions?

Neuropsychological assessment can be helpful when a person has had a:

  • Brain injury – such as a trauma (e.g. motor vehicle accident, falls, assault or even long-term alcohol abuse)
  • Neurological condition – such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or tumours affecting the brain
  • Psychiatric illness / condition.

Why refer?

Assessment provides robust insights into brain disorders affecting memory, learning, attention, language, problem solving and decision making. Specific outputs include:

  • Predict likely occupational outcomes, including profiling of strengths and weakness
  • Detail consequences of a brain injury on a person’s life and function
  • Assist with the diagnoses of various neurological and neurodegenerative conditions
  • Identify cognitive impairment – especially where changes are subtle
  • Provide a baseline for changes over time.

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