I’ve got a worker off work with a psychological condition.

Watch this 3 minute video of Dr Tim Doyle, Clinical Psychologist to learn about the kinds of questions a clinical psychologist can help answer in an IME.

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I’ve got a worker off work with a psychological condition.

With mental health being a significant focus for workplaces and workers alike, understanding how professionals can assist workers with psychological conditions to 'recover at work' or 'return to work'  is a critical part of the puzzle.

Watch this short video featuring Dr Tim Doyle, Clinical Psychologist answering this question.

This video is an excerpt taken from Dr Doyle’s webinar, Are they well and can they do the job?’ held in late 2022.

Common questions a clinical psychology IME can answer include:

  • What is the diagnosis?
  • How quickly they should an employee return?
  • How can an employee be integrated back into an organisation?
  • How much can you reasonably expect of the employee?
  • Can the employee still go through a performance management process?
  • Is the employee able to come to work and relate to people – or will that be too stressful / counter productive?

As always each person and workplace will have their own unique circumstances and questions which arise.

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