No shows and late cancellations?

Ever been there? Have you booked an Independent Medical Examination (IME), but had little confidence as to whether the individual would actually attend?

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No shows and late cancellations?

"I really don't think this employee is going to turn up for their appointment," said the client

No shows, late cancellations and (very) late arrivals - we’ve certainly seen it all in our time behind the front desk. Like other professional service providers, we do charge a cancellation fee. No one likes being charged a cancellation fee and whilst some situations are hard to avoid, others are more predictable and manageable. We’ve put together some of the more common issues and how to smooth the path to the IME appointment for you and your employee.

Communicate why you have requested the IME

Make it clear to your employee why you have asked for the IME. It could be that you want to understand if they are safe to perform their role after an illness or injury, or you need to know how to support their graduated return to work. Whatever the reason, help your employee understand how your organisation will use the report and how you protect their privacy.

Does the person know how to get to the IME appointment?

And at the correct location, on the right day and time? It sounds simple but it does happen. Someone turns up at the wrong address. Or on the wrong day. Communicating these details to your worker are your responsibility. Providing clear, written information – electronically (email / sms) and printed versions can help avoid misunderstandings.

What will happen at the IME?

Attending an IME can be a source of anxiety – fear of losing a job and income, fear of the unknown, fear of being judged. While we can’t predict the outcome of an IME, we can tell you and your employee details about the process. We have a fact sheet to help employees understand what will happen in the IME appointment and the kinds of questions or assessment this involves.

Understand the terms of the booking

Made a reservation at a hotel in the last couple of years? Booked tickets to a live show? At the time of your booking you were most probably referred to the organisation’s cancellation policy. Cancellation fees are one of the necessary but less pleasant parts of our administration team’s responsibilities. It would be ideal if we didn’t have cancellations or ‘no-shows’, but given life is far from perfect, it’s a reality we have to face. As part of the booking confirmation process, you’ll be advised in writing that we charge a cancellation /do not attend fee. You can ask at that time for a quote of the fee – as these can vary from practitioner to practitioner.

Why cancellation fees?

Keeping the lights on, paying the rent (and the staff) are all regular costs of running a business. In order to run a sustainable business and keep providing services these costs need to be paid regardless of whether we have 2 ‘no shows’ or 20 ‘no shows’. Hence the cancellation fee. Please get in touch if you’d like further clarification.

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