Dr Sid O'Toole presenting on ASIEQ Panel

BT Lawyers is hosting 'RTW Intervention - a practical discussion on how to improve claims outcomes through RTW intervention'

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Dr Sid O'Toole presenting on ASIEQ Panel

Getting injured workers back into the workplace can have an enormous impact on their physical and mental recovery as well as reducing claims costs.

This workshop will focus on how to achieve better outcomes through RTW intervention including some practical tips for:

  • Early intervention;
  • What to do when a RTW plan is stagnating;
  • Engaging the treating GP in the RTW process.

The panel will feature Dr Sid O’Toole and David Morris (Procare) and it will be facilitated by Jacqi Marshall from BT Lawyers.

For bookings please go to https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/asieq-and-btlawyers-seminar-rtw-intervention-tickets-88971543281

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