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“Occupational Physicians are the medical specialists specifically trained in the determination of causation of injury and illness including work-relatedness and resulting disability.” 

Who is LIME Medicolegal?

LIME Medicolegal is a specialist independent medical opinion provider, led by Occupational Physician, Dr Robin ‘Sid’ O’Toole.

Our independent specialists are drawn from a range of backgrounds including Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Orthopaedics and Psychiatry.

We answer questions including:

  • The effects of work on an individual’s health and
  • The effect an individual’s health has on their ability to work
  • Causation of injury or illness, and
  • Disability resulting from illness or injury.

Organisations are increasingly aware of the role that optimal employee health and wellness play in terms of bottom line performance. We can offer advice on how to navigate the psycho-social, medical and legal interplay of health issues in contemporary workplaces.

What is an independent medical examination?

An independent medical examination must be performed by a doctor who has not had a treating relationship with the examinee. They do not enter into a doctor-patient relationship and are not to provide advice to the worker about their condition, treatment or workers compensation claim.

The role of the independent medical examiner is to consider all the information available and provide expert defendable opinion on any questions arising at the interface of health and work including:

  • Advice on accepting a claim
  • The insurers ongoing liability
  • The worker’s capacity for employment
  • Ongoing treatment needs.

If the independent medical examiner considers some other type of treatment might assist the worker, this will be detailed in their report and they may (where requested) contact the worker’s treating doctor to discuss treatment options. The independent medical examiner’s report is forwarded to the person who requested it.

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