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We are keen to grow the LIME team with like-minded Occupational Physicians and Psychiatrists. If you are interested in a confidential conversation, please contact us on 1300 333 767.


LIME Medicolegal is a collegiate organisation focused on bringing about evidence-based outcomes. At LIME, we base our practice on mutual respect, and understanding of the skills and experiences of our doctors.

We recognise each Doctor’s individuality, opinion and expertise. Our approach enables us to look at challenges in a creative way, to solve problems and to develop services that truly meet the needs of for clients.

Beyond a booking service

LIME offers more than an appointment booking service. We are more than a network of consulting rooms. We are a gathering of thoughtful, accomplished professionals. We value best-practice, a challenge and the unique perspective each Doctor brings.

Professional Development

We facilitate growth within our Doctors by providing:
• A resource base of current medicolegal evidence
• An atmosphere of mutual respect and support
• Regular feedback
• Continuing professional development
• Meetings

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