Legal providers

We are called on by our legal colleagues to provide expert opinion regarding legal matters that involve health and work or function. This is often in relation to Workers Compensation and the key questions posed include:

  • “What are the significant contributing factors to the development of a condition?”
  • “What is the usual course of this condition?”
  • “Has the individual reached maximum medical improvement?”
  • “Has the individual received appropriate treatment and rehabilitation?”
  • “Is the individual fit to undertake the duties of their own occupation? Or another?”
  • “Is the injury consistent with the declared mechanism?”
  • “Is the injury or illness a result of a pre-existing underlying condition?”

Other legal matters that we are consulted about include:

  • Workability – Is this person fit for their usual occupation?
  • If not, provide guidelines on what they are fit to undertake?

We are happy to discuss any particular cases with you over the phone prior to formal referral.

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Services for legal providers

  • Independent medical examination
  • Permanent impairment assessment
  • Desktop file review
  • Medical advisory service
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