As an employer you have specific legislated responsibilities to an injured or ill worker, including:

  • Supporting an injured employee to return to work
  • Arranging rehabilitation programs and
  • Ensuring that workers are fit to undertake the essential inherent requirements of a role without significant and foreseeable risk of injury or illness.

Not all cases are straightforward. That’s where we can help. Call 1300 333 767 and let us help you navigate your next step.

We are often approached by employers asking:

  • “My injured worker seems to be taking a long time to recover – are we on the right track?”
  • “The worker’s personality seems to be making return to work more challenging…what can we do?”
  • “We’ve had a lot of health professionals involved and some of the opinions are different, how do we know who is right?”
  • “We are seeing increased numbers of mental health claims – I’m not sure how to proceed”
  • “We have a worker that has been off work for a non-work related illness and they are now wanting to come back to their usual job can we ask for more information?”
  • “One of our workers has been off work now for six months and we really need to position filled. Whenever we approach the employee they say they will be back to work soon, but we then get a certificate for more time off. What can we do?”
  • “One of our long term employees has had a number of small injuries and near misses. The supervisor reports some concerning behaviour  – we want to support this employee but are concerned about their safety. What can we do?”

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you are faced with a decision of how to progress. Unsure of the most suitable service for your situation? We are more than happy to speak with you over the phone prior to formal referral.

Call 1300 333 767

Services for employers

Employers are increasingly aware of the need to maintain the health, safety and productivity of their workforce. At LIME Medicolegal our services help employers to negotiate the best way forward.

  • Independent medical examination
  • Fitness for duty assessment
  • Panel assessment
  • Desktop file review
  • Functional capacity assessment
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